Go Fish Trivia Game: Glorious Explorers

  • Go fish Trivia games Hive Q presents the first card game cross between go fish and a trivia game An extremely fun educational game for kids and adults alike - making it the perfect family game for kids The game contains trivia cards with easy rules and a fun strategy
  • The Purple Cow "go fish" Is a fun and easy to play card game also known as quartet foursomes and trumps around the world - detailed instructions inside
  • General knowledge but it's not just a fun game it is much more important than that - It instills basic General knowledge that is so much missing in our digital fast paced world
  • By playing our "go fish" Series children will learn all about the GREATEST explorers in human history - Columbus Magellan Neil Armstrong vasco Da Gama and many others After playing this game These will no longer be just names
  • Fun a card game that's fun for boys and girls This educational card game can be used as educational aid by teachers in the classroom class study
  • On the go take Hive q’s kid educational games everywhere you go Creatively designed this compact beehive box conveniently fits into any travel bag or backpack Easy to carry easy to play A win-win combination