Go Fish Trivia Game: Greatest Minds

  • Greatest Minds: the Hive Q - Greatest Minds introduces players to the world's biggest geniuses in history and their accomplishments. A fun and educational card game to broaden the horizons of young players.
  • The Purple Cow "go fish" Is a fun and easy to play card game also known as quartet, foursomes and trumps around the world - detailed instructions inside.
  • But it's not just a fun game, it is much more important than that - It instills basic General knowledge that is so much missing in our digital fast paced world.
  • By playing our "go fish" Series, children will learn exciting facts about the Greatest Minds of the history of mankind: Einstein, Darwin, Galileo and many others. After playing "go fish", these will no longer be just names
  • Fun: a card game that's fun for boys and girls. This educational card game can be used as educational aid by teachers in the classroom, class study.
  • On the go: take Hive q’s kid educational games everywhere you go Creatively designed, this compact beehive box conveniently fits into any travel bag or backpack. Easy to carry, easy to play. A win-win combination